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Inclusive Education for Divyang CWSN

Intervention for CWSN is a very important part of equity issues under Samagra Shiksha. The key trust of Samagra Shiksha will be on providing inclusive education to all children with special needs in General Schools with the help of interventions. This includes special training in the form of school readiness program for CWSN, education through special schools, home base education and community based rehabilitation. The ultimate aim would be to mainstream all CWSN in neighborhood schools.

Children with special needs require need based supportive educational service. This can be provided by organizing resource in regular schools. There is a Block level resourec room in the school which is well developed and established to achieve the objective of education for divyang students.

This resource room has been named as inclusive education hub (IEH) which form a central point of providing educational and resource support services to the cwsn at block level

Objective of Resource Room

  • To provide individulized and group teaching to CWSN
  • To provide scaffolding instruction to the children who find it to difficult to cope with academic work in regular class and scholasticaly backword.
  • To Conduct various peer sensitization activities which are the part of Inclusive Eduation
  • To provide supportive environment and remediation to children with sensory impairement

About Resource Room

The resource room is well developed and furnished. This is well equiped with educational material, TLM, Games to enhance the Academic learning, Bulletin Board,Puzzle, Picture Books,Story Books and special designed furniture.Resource Rooms also have the Internet and computer facility.

The furniture provided in the resource room is desined by Forest dept. Yamunanagar, Haryana. All furniture is designed in such a way that it can be used individualized and group teaching.

There are 3 Resource Teacher appointed at block Level who maintain IEP, Case History and commulative progress record files of the children with special needs. Educational support through adapting the curriculum is provided by the resource teachers to the scholastically backward CWSN

Concluding Notes

Setting up resource room has been benificial for the children with special needs. All the CWSN of diffrent disabilities studying in regular school of block are to be provided the best services through the resource room. Every effort is made to provide clean, quiet, congenial and affectionative educational atmosphere to the differently abled students. Beside academic activities, the student also participat in extra curricular activities. It has also served in meeting the objective of including children in regular schools and acheving the goal "Education for All"

Medical Assessment Camp

Every District Level medical assessment camp organized to provide the Medical Certificate, Bus and Railway consession pass and Aids & Appliances i.e Wheel Chair, Tricycle, Hearing Aids, Braces, Artificial Limbs and Corrective surgery

Parents Counseling Camp

1. The focus of the Parental counseling camp is involving the parents in the educational, social and ADL activities of their CWSNs.
2. To provide effective remediation techniques to the parents of CWSN at home and outside

Sport Activities

District and State Level Sports activities organized every year according to CWSN category and their academic levels

Cultural Activities

District and State Level Cultural activities organized every year according to CWSN category and their academic levels

Art & Craft Activities

District and State Level Art & Craft activities organized every year according to CWSN category and their academic levels

Adventure Camp

In a year two time Adventure camp organized in Samagra Shikha under Inclusive Education in the month of June and Sept.